Frequently asked questions
Question #1 iconWhat is Highly Rated Profiles?
Answer #1 iconIt is an online platform owned and operated by Suham'T LLC, a Florida company since 2008, and devoted to link consumers with companies and professionals, referred as "highly rated profiles", that are reviewed, rated and confirmed by our team members to be in good standings, are in compliance with our standards, and are committed to provide only the best possible services for consumers.
Question #2 iconHow does Highly Rated Profiles approve companies and/or professionals?
Answer #2 iconWe perform an extensive research to confirm that all profiles listed are in good standings and that also comply with all of Highly Rated Profiles standards, which you can read more about them at our learn more page. In addition, one of our team members will schedule a visit to meet in person with each company and/or professional to perform numerous on site check points and to conduct a one to one interview to complete review and rating process.
Question #3 iconHow long does it takes for a profile to be approved?
Answer #3 iconA good estimate will be between 5-7 business days; but reviewing, rating and approval process time frame may vary.

Question #4 iconAs a consumer, what are my benefits of using Highly Rated Profiles?
Answer #4 iconThe extensive research and approval processes that are implemented in order for a profile to be listed at, offer you the opportunity to connect with only good standings companies and/or professionals.

As a consumer, all information you will find under each profile is related only to the referring service. You will get to watch and listen an introductory message from such company and/or professional going over the service each has been listed; you will have the option to view a virtual tour of profiles locations, see our full review/rating report for each profile, and have peace of mind when selecting any company and/or professional listed at our site by knowing that these profiles have been professionally and truthfully reviewed and approved by our team members prior to be listed as highly rated profiles.
Question #5 iconHow does Highly Rated Profiles differentiate from other websites that offer customers' reviews for companies and/or professionals?
Answer #5 iconWhile other websites provide valuable customers reviews for companies and/or professionals, sometimes these reviews may be deceiving or may not reflect the truth about a company and/or professional.

It is Highly Rated Profiles mission to list, for consumers, those top companies and/or professionals which have been proven by us to be in good standings, have complied with our standards, and have been professionally rated by one of our team member. Our review and rating process for profiles is real, extensive, unbiased, and also includes a visit in person to each profile's location to conduct appropriate assessments. If a company and/or professional failed to pass our evaluation process, such profile will not be listed.
Question #6 iconCan any company or professional appear on Highly Rated Profiles?
Answer #6 iconNo. Only those profiles that are in good standings, are in compliance with Highly Rated Profiles standards, have been reviewed in person by one of our team member, and have been approved to be included in our database, will be listed.
Question #7 iconHow are the profiles selected in order to appear at Highly Rated Profiles?
Answer #7 iconWe are constantly conducting studies in different locations in order to find and to approach those companies and professionals that are in good standings, meet our standards, and are devoted to offer outstanding services to consumers.
Question #8 iconCan I suggest a profile?
Answer #8 iconWe would love to hear from you. Please, feel free to suggest a profile.

Question #9 iconOnce a profile is reviewed and approved to be listed, how often does Highly Rated Profiles make sure a company and/or professional is still in good standing and in compliance with High Rated Profiles standards?
Answer #9 iconWe may reevaluate any of our profiles at any time and at our own discretion to make sure a company and/or professional is still in good standing and in compliance with Highly Rated Profiles standards.

Question #10 iconCan two or more companies and/or professionals be listed in the same location for same service offered?
Answer #10 iconWe are currently working on updating Highly Rated Profiles' platform not only to activate this capability, but to offer consumers, companies, and professionals with additional valuable data, functions to interact with each other, and new features to always offer a complete and satisfying experience when using our platform.
Question #11 iconIs Highly Rated Profiles free for online users?
Answer #11 iconYes. It is, and always will be.

Question #13 iconIf I had a bad experience with a company and/or professional listed on the site, how can I share it with Highly Rated Profiles? Will the profile be unlisted from the website?
Answer #13 iconYour information is very valuable for us. Please, send to our help desk details of any bad experience with any of our listed profiles for us to review, collect both sides facts and open an investigation case. Once investigation is completed, you will receive by email information of final decision and actions taken.
Question #14 iconDoes Highly Rated Profiles guarantee my satisfaction as a consumer for services offered by profiles listed?
Answer #14 iconAlthough we list only highly rated companies and/or professionals, Highly Rated Profiles cannot guarantee consumers satisfaction for services offered by such listed profiles. As we always looking to exceed consumers expectations when using our platform to link with great companies and/or professionals, we invite you to share any of your experiences with our listed profiles by sending us a message to our help desk. Your information will be much appreciated.